On January 5, 2019, DAVE STAMEY played the first concert at our new venue.

Below are comments received from concert-goers who were at that show -- and
below those comments are a few photos showing more of the new venue.
  • We are so happy that you have found such an outstanding venue for AMSD!  Everything was perfect from parking to
    seat comfort and most importantly, the acoustics are fantastic!  Dave Stamey, as always, sounded wonderful and was a
    great "opening" act for the new venue.  We look forward to many enjoyable concerts with you!  Happy New Year.

  • We just got home from tonight’s Dave Stamey concert...what an awesome way to spend the evening.  Mr. Stamey’s
    warmth and superb storytelling were a treat!  I cannot think of a better way to celebrate not only the first concert of
    2019, but also the first concert in your new venue.  This was the second time we have seen Dave Stamey and again,
    we were not disappointed.  My husband says he cannot name another artist who brings him such peace when
    listening to him sing.  

       Your new venue is also awesome!  From the seating to the sound system, it was delightful!    We decided to have
       dinner at Murrietta's, two minutes away from the new venue, and enjoyed that also.  

       Here’s to 2019 being a year full of good music....thank you Carey!

  • Fantastic concert, fantastic sound, Stamey was the best I have ever heard him, super venue..,,on and on and on.

       Thanks thanks thanks!

       It was worth planning my trip to see my sister around your concert!

       Many more to come...

  • Good morning, Carey -

    I hope you were very happy with the first concert at your new venue. It couldn't have worked out better - great
    turnout, the church is a great venue and Dave Stamey is one of the most talented and entertaining performers out

       The church is far nicer than we'd anticipated  - a lovely building outside and in (the outdoor area will be particularly
       nice in the warmer months) and we didn't have the feeling of being in a church (so good of them to let you display
       AMSD concerts behind the "stage").  Lighting and sound are great.   Lots and lots of parking spaces so close are a
       great bonus!

       All of Dave's music and lyrics are great, linked together by his stories and sense of humor.  My personal favorite of
       the evening:  Come Ride with Me.  He really touched me with that song.

       Everything ran so smoothly last night - congratulations on a professional and enjoyable first concert!

  • WOW. Great show last night. Dave seems to be getting better with age. Thank you.  

  • It was a great concert. The acoustics were great. As a short person, I always worry about a tall person sitting in front of
    me when the seats are pews. But it was fine; the seating was staggered enough that I could look over shoulders. So

  • Great show as always Carey and the new Venue was fabulous! We’ve been attending since NPark and this is by far the

  • Aloha!

       I’ve had the special experience of Dave Stamey preforming for us around the campfire.  I’ve tried to keep up with
       his preforms in my area. I so wanted my husband to hear him. A perfect night!

       Last nights encounter was the best venue I have been to yet. The location, parking was such an ease for us. The
       sound magical!

       Besides Dave’s performance my favorite part was when my husband leaned over and thanked me for being him
       there.  He truly enjoyed Dave’s music and talent.  In life things should ‘spark joy’. The concert surely did that for us.
       Thank you ever so much! Mahalo nui loa!

  • We never heard Dave before Saturday and boy we loved his talent, song selection, humor and style.  The ‘church’
    seats were far more comfortable than we expected.  Whew!

       Thanks so very much for the time and effort that was required to find our new home.

  • Yes, your opening concert was perfect!  We were a party of 10 and everyone of us were so pleased with Dave and his
    choice of songs and the sound system and venue.  So glad you are back in Business!!

       We all had dinner at Murrieta’s before the show, it was packed and I thought at the time that probably most people
       there were going to your show.

  • Hello Carey – Dave Stamey put on a great show last Saturday.  We dragged my sister and brother-in-law with us this
    year and they loved the show too.  The new venue was very nice, easy to see the stage, and the seats were
    comfortable.  Parking was really convenient too.  Thanks for bringing Dave back and we look forward to seeing him
    again next time as well as other acoustic artists!

  • Hey Carey. Great show, by the way. Dave never disappoints.  Love the new venue. The seating was very comfortable
    and sight lines were very good.  Looking forward to the next one.
@ Sweetwater Community Church
5305 Sweetwater Road
Bonita, CA 91902
(619) 201-0520
January 5, 2019